Naomi's Journey

Naomi, 24 came to us from a shelter in North Dakota. She had recently given birth to a baby who was removed from her care, she was overcoming an addiction to Meth, had committed a felony, spent time in jail and was released into homelessness. For Naomi the barriers seemed too many to overcome, homelessness was tightening its grip.

With the help of her Housing Navigator, Naomi now has a place to call home.

Because Naomi has a safe place to call home she was able to get her baby back. Because Naomi has an address to call her own she was able to apply for and gain employment.  Because her life has become more stable her probation officer is releasing her from probation this month.  Because things are going so well with her baby Naomi is working on reunifying with her 2-year-old son who has been in the care of family since his birth.

Our Housing Navigators assist Naomi and many others on their personal journey out of the grips of homelessness and towards independence. This journey begins with a safe and stable place to call home.

Each person needs a little hope, someone who will listen without judgment and truly believe in them. This journey towards independence begins with a Housing Navigator lighting the way.  

Naomi says, “You're more motivated to stay on the right track when you have somebody in your corner and cheering you on!”

She explains with appreciation, “They (PPIH) helped make sure we had everything we needed when we moved in; like a bed to sleep on, and furniture to sit on. They helped get the stuff I needed for the baby…

Naomi was homeless for a total of three years before coming to PPIH. Her circumstances were dire and seemed too intense to overcome.  Today, the thing she enjoys most is, “time at night where you know you can just actually relax and know everything’s okay, you're in your own place.”