I live in Clay County and need help with my rent, mortgage or utilities.

Two Steps to apply for help:
Step 1
Go to Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership (Lakes and Prairies), located in the Family Services Center at 715 11th St.N. #402 in Moorhead, MN.
Step 2
Complete a walk-in interview/intake in which a Lakes and Prairies employee will help determine which community resources may be available to you, as well as assist you in completing applications that will be considered by the CARES Homeless Prevention Project.
For us to assist you promptly, we must be able to reach you. Make sure Lakes and Prairies has your correct phone number, and your phone can receive messages. If your contact information changes, call Lakes and Prairies at 218-512-1550 to update.
Selection Process:
Agencies participating in the CARES Homeless PreventionProject meet once a week to select applications to assist based on agency capacity.

Selected by an Agency
An agency will follow-up with you to schedule an intake if your application is selected.

Not Selected by an Agency
A letter will be sent in the mail stating the reason your application was not selected. If no agencies in the CARES Homeless Prevention Project can assist your household, a list of alternative mainstream options will be provided.
The CARES Homeless Prevention Project
It is a partnership between SENDCAA, Lakes and Prairies-CAP, The Salvation Army, and Presentation Partners in Housing. When you apply at Lakes and Prairies, you are applying to all the agencies in the Homeless Prevention Project. Therefore, you only need to apply at Lakes and Prairies. You may also complete a VI-SPDAT assessment which can potentially link you to housing support services.