I need help overcoming chronic homelessness.

Two Steps to apply for help:
Step 1
Connect with an assessment site. Assessment sites include any homeless shelter, community action, or homeless outreach program.
Step 2
Complete an assessment screening. Staff will ask you questions about how long you’ve been homeless, what kind of housing options you are interested in, and what options you are eligible for. With your permission, staff will enter your name onto our community’s Housing Prioritization List. Every housing program pulls from this list when they have openings in homeless programs.

Selection Process:
Housing and Support Service Programs from the community meet twice per month to discuss program openings. They report their openings and are matched to eligible participants on the Prioritization List.

If you are selected for an opening in Housing Navigation, we will contact the staff who completed your assessment. They will assist us to setup a time to meet with you to tell you about the Housing Navigation program, so you can decide if you want to participate.

Not Selected
Openings in Housing Navigation are limited, so if you are not contacted for an opening, please stay in touch with the staff who completed your assessment. Many different housing programs pull from the list, so keeping your contact information up-to-date is key.